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About Me

Kandice enjoying a sunny day in a sunflower field.
Kandice Mendez Photography Logo.

Born and raised in SoCal, you know I'm all about that fancy coffee. Aside from the drive-thru at Starbucks, you'll find me catching up on the latest true-crime documentary, listening to my favorite podcasts, or trying new foods with my husband. 


My love affair with photography started in high school. I was a member of every club and activity that put a camera in my hands; Yearbook, Photo, ASB Historian (you get the point).


I went on to study at Cal State Fullerton before transferring to the Brooks Institute of Photography (my dream school), where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Photography with an Emphasis in Digital Imaging. 


After working my tail off for over a decade, I decided to take a chance on myself and officially open Kandice Mendez Photography.


Now I'm not just working for a living; I'm freezing moments in time so they can live on forever for the people who make them special.


It's been an honor to tell the stories of so many unique and beautiful people, and I hope I get to tell yours next.


  • I'm the oldest of eight kids. 

  • Music is my therapy (literally all music, but honestly, the 80s have my heart).

  • I love all things Disney (they had me at Electrical Parade).

  • Musicals make me feel some kinda way (the good kinda way).

  • I'm the designated crafter (sewing machine, I've got it; Cricut machine, I've got it; and if I don't have it, I'll get it).

  • You'll catch me eating snacks at bedtime and rewatching Friends, New Girl, or Schitt's Creek with my husband for the 690287 thousandth time (my husband is cool with it, especially the snacks part). 

  • Wine tasting, tea time, or brunch with my girls is a requirement (we take this seriously).

  • I'm secretly a pretty good cook and an even better baker (just don't tell my husband because I'm obsessed with El Pollo Loco-don't judge me).

Fun Facts

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